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Why contactless is vital to guest experience this summer

Posted by Omnico on Apr 12, 2021 8:50:40 AM

Make the most of the summer surge with contactless technology...

Spring has sprung, and with summer not far off, the return of sunnier weather will see visitors descend on attractions all over the country.

Of course, with social distancing measures still in effect, this time of year is a key test for attractions looking to drive loyalty and repeat visits after a year of closures, lockdowns, and other disruptions.

Contactless technology can help you rise to the challenge. Allowing you to comply with social distancing guidelines, keep visitors safe, and improve the guest experience.

If you haven’t considered it yet or are struggling to get buy in for the switch, here are three key reasons you should go contactless at your attraction this summer.

1. Safety is a key priority for your guests
A year into the global pandemic, the experiences of the past twelve months have had a significant impact on consumer attitudes to safety.

According to our own research, a third of visitors (33%) believe attractions aren’t doing enough to limit visitor numbers and keep them safe, falling short when it comes to enabling contactless customer experiences (29%) and reducing queues (26%).

With safety a key differentiator – and contactless a key hallmark of an attraction that takes safety seriously – you need to prove you’re backing up words with actions.

By using RFID or other contact-free technology to integrate your gates, turnstiles, tables, lockers, drinks, and vending machines, visitors can use wearable technology or their mobile devices to access all your on-site services. And by reducing those points of physical contact, you can keep both guests and staff safe, while offering a seamless experience at your attraction.

2. Consumers are demanding contactless technology
The pandemic has seen expectations around contactless change. Having grown used to the convenience of a contactless world, guests don’t want to go back.

When it comes to the types of contactless experiences visitors are demanding, our research shows over half (56%) want contactless entry, 49% expect mobile apps to reduce face-to-face interaction, while half (51%) want to see Pay-at-Table technology at Food and Beverage outlets in attractions.

Contactless is now synonymous with convenience, and those attractions that fail to provide contactless technologies to improve the guest experience will likely see footfall suffer. For those that get it right though, the pay-off is clear, with 3 in 10 (29%) visitors willing to pay more if an attraction offers them contactless experiences.

3. Visitors want to have a good time, and it’s your job to enable it
Our research shows visitors want to be safe when they visit attractions, and they also want convenience. But at the end of the day, they’re at your attraction to have fun.

As we approach one of the biggest holiday periods of the year, you should look to ensure your guests get the best possible experience. And contactless technology has a role to play here, too.

By speeding up payments, reducing queues, and providing instant access to on-site amenities, guests can come and go as they please, order what they want, when they want, pay when they like, and beat the crowds that are all-too-often associated with amusement parks, waterparks, and other attractions.

With less time spent waiting, and customer-facing interactions happening far faster, contactless experiences mean visitors spend more quality time on site, making every visit as special as it should be, and keeping guests returning time and time again.

With weeks to go until summer officially starts, now’s the time to go contactless at your attractions. So, to find out how contactless technology can help you improve safety and the guest experience at your attraction, contact us at enquiries@omnicogroup.com and we will get right back in touch .

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