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Using technology to ensure visitor safety post-pandemic

Posted by Omnico on Feb 25, 2021 11:32:01 AM

As you might expect in the wake of a pandemic, safety is front of mind for consumers. In fact, according to our research, 8 in 10 are reluctant to visit attractions in 2021 due to COVID-19 safety fears.

To better understand these safety concerns, what they mean for attractions and casinos, and what you can do to alleviate them, we surveyed 4,000 consumers to identify what’s holding them back.

Alleviating visitor safety concerns

When it comes to alleviating visitor safety concerns, attractions and casinos have their work cut out.

A third of consumers believe venues aren’t doing enough to limit capacity and keep them safe, falling short when it comes to enabling contactless customer experiences (29%) and reducing queues (26%). While 53% are concerned social distancing rules aren’t being enforced, with concern venues are more focused on bringing in money than ensuring visitor safety (38%).

Although this may be news to operators, many of whom have taken steps to mitigate safety concerns for some months, according to Deana Scott, Chief Executive Officer at Raving Consulting, better communication is needed to educate visitors about the measures being taken to keep them safe.

“You need to clearly communicate – pre-visit – the safety measures you have in place to give visitors the confidence to return,” says Deana. “Managers need to be out there, training employees, inspecting the premises, and providing reassurance to customers during their visit to ensure they come back.”

Using technology to get visitors back through the doors

With nearly half (47%) of attraction visitors wanting to see capped visitor numbers this year and 1 in 4 saying they’ll only visit a venue if contactless customer experiences are offered, technology also plays a key role in helping attractions meet consumer’s growing safety expectations.

And the good news is that we’ve created our out-of-the-box technology solutions to help you do just that. Here’s how they work:

1) Manage overcrowding with smart ticketing

With our smart ticketing technology you can better manage capacity at peak times, rather than limiting numbers and losing revenue.

Whether selling tickets online, at-gate, through a reseller, or via a third-party agency, our Integrated Ticketing Solution ensures information is updated in real-time across your entire ticketing estate.

By synchronizing demand with pricing, you can use real-time data to modify prices, funnelling customers to visit at less busy times to reduce overcrowding and better manage occupancy.

2) Reduce queues by enabling contactless experiences

After a year of endless hand washing and antibacterial gel, demand for contactless interactions has skyrocketed. It's no longer a nice to have; it’s essential:

  • 56% of consumers want contactless entry
  • Nearly half (49%) want Pay-at-Table technology and self-scan checkout tools
  • Half (51%) expect mobile apps to reduce face-to-face interaction

For casino and attractions operators, contactless technology not only speeds up the transaction process but helps reduce queues and overcrowding too. Your guests can order on their mobile from anywhere in your venue and head straight to a collection point to pick up their purchase.

Ensuring safety is now businesses critical

With 92% of visitors now researching a venue’s COVID-19 safety measures prior to booking, and 62% visiting elsewhere if they’re not satisfied with the measures in place, ensuring visitor safety and communicating it with your customers has become business-critical.

By implementing the right technology to manage capacity and reduce queues, you can rebuild trust, get visitors back through the gates, and drive loyalty.

To find out more about how Omnico’s out-of-the-box technology solutions can help, send us an email and we'll get right back in touch.

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