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Attractions have increased revenues by 10% through entitlements

When families are free from coronavirus confinement and want to head for a theme park or casino, they’re likely to be looking for good value deals that are as hassle-free as possible.

In uncertain [...]

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For attraction operators, social-distancing must be addressed

As societies emerge from Covid-19 lockdown, parks and casinos must adapt to new rules about physical contact.

In China for instance, cities are busy again, but consumers are experiencing a new [...]

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Research shows you must remove the hassle from returns

Returns are a great source of frustration for everyone – the consumer and retailer alike. Research by Omnico among 2,000 U.S. consumers last year found nearly nine-in-ten customers (86 percent) [...]

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Enhance your POS system to transform customer experience

Can there be anyone who hasn’t noticed the incredible change sweeping through retail? Social media companies are turning themselves into marketplaces while new direct-to-consumer and online-only [...]

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Shop and eat: why retailers need to enhance their legacy POS to integrate food and beverage

The old divisions between retail, work, eating and snacking are disappearing. Witness the growth of in store coffee shops and exciting pop up food stalls, or the trendy staff cafeterias open to [...]

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Enhance legacy POS to fit the vision of retail at NRF2020

There’s been good news for retailers this month. The annual NRF expo in New York City, a platform to launch new concepts and technology innovations in the retail industry, drove a key message that

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Apps, kiosks and self-service revolution enabled by POS enhancement

Consumer expectations have quickly adapted to new technologies that strip the hassle out of shopping. We get used to solutions such as mobile payments or cashierless checkouts and become [...]

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Cutting the Queue

Reducing queueing time is a major challenge for many retailers, with today’s time-poor consumers expecting a fast and convenient service for every type of purchase, whether it’s online shopping on [...]

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RFID is opening the doors to a new concept of convenience shopping

By Steve Thomas, CTO, Omnico

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Retailers to revamp payments infrastructure: how to improve legacy POS

The majority of retailers and merchants in the EMEA region are planning to increase their investment in new payment capabilities in the next 18 to 24 months, according a study by ACI Worldwide and [...]

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