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3 reasons why Legacy store technology has a right to remain Post-Covid – it just needs a trusted partner to leverage it

Many in the POS world consider legacy systems as “outdated” and a stumbling block in the retailers’ growth strategy. We won’t say who…

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Omnico Group appoints new US General Manager and CRO, Keith Dunphy

Leading global transaction and engagement technology provider, Omnico Group, has appointed Keith Dunphy as its new US General Manager and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Keith will lead the [...]

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What’s hot in retail? What are the trends shaping 2021?

Omnico has collated articles, trends and commentary to share with you.

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Six tips to give supermarkets the full value of their food and beverage offering

Licensed or franchised coffee shops along with big name sandwich outlets and quick service restaurants are a major trend in U.S. supermarket retail.

They boost footfall and dwell-time and once fully [...]

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Technical guide to planning ahead for re-opening: Mission critical systems need a health check now

As we edge towards lifting lockdown, attractions and retailers may think all they have to do is flick the switch on their systems and they’re back in business, but this would unfortunately be a [...]

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Research shows you must remove the hassle from returns

Returns are a great source of frustration for everyone – the consumer and retailer alike. Research by Omnico among 2,000 U.S. consumers last year found nearly nine-in-ten customers (86 percent) get [...]

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Enhance your POS system to transform customer experience

Can there be anyone who hasn’t noticed the incredible change sweeping through retail? Social media companies are turning themselves into marketplaces while new direct-to-consumer and online-only [...]

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Shop and eat: why retailers need to enhance their legacy POS to integrate food and beverage

The old divisions between retail, work, eating and snacking are disappearing. Witness the growth of in store coffee shops and exciting pop up food stalls, or the trendy staff cafeterias open to [...]

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Enhance legacy POS to fit the vision of retail at NRF2020

There’s been good news for retailers this month. The annual NRF expo in New York City, a platform to launch new concepts and technology innovations in the retail industry, drove a key message that [...]

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Apps, kiosks and self-service revolution enabled by POS enhancement

Consumer expectations have quickly adapted to new technologies that strip the hassle out of shopping. We get used to solutions such as mobile payments or cashierless checkouts and become frustrated [...]

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