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Staying close to guests and attracting new customers is vital

Posted by Omnico on May 7, 2020 10:49:03 AM

Staying close to guests and attracting new customers is vital when Covid-19 has slammed the gates shut at parks, attractions and casinos.

Simply waiting for the good times to return is not a strategy.

Until lockdown restrictions are lifted, operators must use all channels available to maintain high levels of engagement with customers.

Using a stream of good news and personalized promotions, they must build a sense of anticipation about reopening and offer reassurance about adherence to social distance and hygiene standards.

The tools are already available. Parks, destinations and casino marketing departments can all employ data analysis-driven engagement engines to make each customer feel like they’ve been contacted by an old friend who wants to share the fun again.

Potential visitors, who have never been through the doors will be tempted by deals and experiences that offer the balance of excitement, relaxation and good value that suits them.

But nothing will be as effective as hyper-personalized offers and promotions that are exactly what visitors will be looking for when they escape from the stifling confinement of lockdown.

Achieving this close attention to detail can only be achieved through an advanced engagement engine that plugs into existing systems and is capable of analysing every transaction and interaction of each guest.

The engine will create promotions that are so relevant to each visitor or family they prove irresistible. It is the kind of advanced engagement capability built into Omnico Commerce.

Through the tough times it will keep lines of communication buzzing with targeted, meaningful offers and promotions that hit the bullseye before, during and after each visit.

At Omnico, we already know, for example, that targeted promotions aimed at high spenders, achieve 40% redemption rates.

Omnico Commerce will give operators the flexibility to calibrate how they engage with visitors enjoying a park or casino under new social distancing conventions requiring low-touch interactions.

When numbers may be restricted and staffing levels low, every promotion or offer has to count. Nudging guests towards rides or experiences that have to remain shut only leads to irritation.

Meaningful engagement has to start online when customers start browsing, encouraging them to download a park app, use digital ticketing or select meal deals. The old barriers between online and on-site must become non-existent.

Visitors must be able to arrange their own itineraries and make food choices that are fully respected when they finally come through the gates.

Engagement must cover everything from rides to entertainment, accommodation, fast passes, smart tickets, contactless payment wristbands, new experiences, meal deals, restaurants, multi-site offers and casino players’ cards.

Guests should be encouraged to download destination apps, because as engagement channels they have few rivals.

Not only will guests spend more with a well-designed app, they will keep it on their phone after they leave, maintaining an open channel for more offers, updates and promotions.

If guests already have reward point or entitlements, they must be able to use them as soon as they are back through the doors.

Then, as they enjoy rides and attractions, or visit gaming tables, Omnico Commerce will ensure they are rewarded for their expenditure, with all rewards visible and available to spend in real time.

Many destinations companies will look at giants in the market like Disney or Universal and see how the MagicBand, Memory Maker and My Disney Experience all meld to create more immersive visits that build excitement beforehand and extend engagement after guests have gone home.

With Omnico Commerce, a similar level of engagement is feasible in a relatively short space of time for operators who may not have similar resources.

Whatever the size of the attraction or casino, however, when lockdown restrictions are lifted, we’re likely to see a phased return to normality, where footfall is sparser and increased spend-per-visit is a necessity.

Omnico Commerce is perfectly designed for these tough challenges. It will deliver fresh insights into customer behavior and enable a new level of personalization and responsiveness.

In a difficult market, parks and destinations will be able to optimize their own resources and maximize revenues while giving their guests the best possible experiences.

To find out more about the Omnico Commerce suite download our guide or get in touch...we'd love to hear from you.

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