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Sodexo 'snack' research highlights the need for more tech

Posted by Omnico on Jan 7, 2020 1:37:42 PM

A recent survey by Sodexo in North America, which serves more than 12 million meals a month to students and staff at 700 colleges and universities, reveals the newest snack trends coming to market in 2020.

Sodexo's Director of Retail for North Amercia, Nadia Jackson revealed, "snack trends premiering in 2020 focus on meeting the needs of college students, who want food that is diverse, ethically sourced and, of course, convenient to their busy schedule."

81% of 'gen Z consumers' surveyed said they want healthy, convenient snacks that they can grab whatever time of the day or night. Sodexo revealed that students will see new technology designed to deliver snacks faster than ever before, including more automation to make fresh food and mobile apps that make waiting in line a thing of the past.

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This research reflects Omnico's own that revealed 82% of office staff would buy more often from an on-site canteen if mobile order ahead was available to them, with 34% saying they don't go more frequently because they hate queuing to be served.

Technological advances mean that deploying solutions such as order ahead, self-service kiosks, self-scan and self-checkout apps, is now easier than ever, and more vital. They serve to enhance the speed and convenience of service which is key to the customer experience, as well as boosting revenue, improving operational efficiency and reducing wastage.

Another key trend highlighted by the Sodexo research is that 67% of younger consumers would pay more for snacks with an ethical pedigree. They care about the story behind the product - are the ingredients from farms that use sustainable practices, for example? Technology too can support this growing trend with the ability to track stock from source to shelf.

Sodexo is already embracing new technology to enrich the customer experience. Read more about the integration of Omnico's smart platform and mobile technologies across Sodexo's UK locations here.

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