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Savings of 40% on ticketing costs achieved

Posted by Omnico on Aug 6, 2020 10:44:01 AM

Savings of 40% on previous costs, through lower licensing fees and minimal infrastructure requirements, are already realised by operators switching to Omnico’s cloud-based ticketing solution.

And on the basis of current experience, upsells of between 30% and 40% are also swiftly obtainable.

Omnico ticketing is fully operational in weeks, delivering all-important ROI through a vast spectrum of functionality.

Covering everything from entry to room-booking, food and beverage and special events, across any number of sites, Omnico ticketing gives guests the deals and options they want, with enticing ease of use.

This is consistent across websites, smartphones, RFID wristbands, POS terminals, kiosks and tablets.

Customers always have quick and easy access to their tickets, seeing what they are entitled to and how they can add extra meals, or new experiences.

Guests never need to resubmit details either. If they visit a separate attraction run by the same operator two months later with a valid ticket they can gain entry and access without hassle.

And the whole solution is fully integrated with Reserve with Google, which simplifies searches and purchasing.


In the post-lockdown world, however, attraction operators will have to be highly attuned to customer demand.

Ease of use is essential, but families wanting to give their kids a great experience after weeks of isolation, will almost certainly be looking for value.

They need to be enticed with attractive deals, which is where Omnico ticketing wins. Its ease-of-integration enables tickets to be sold as part of packages by the big names in online travel such as Expedia, Booking.com or 365Tickets.

When families are looking for deals, this is a major competitive advantage.

Omnico ticketing also allows operators to offer a mix of ticket types that are highly customizable; from one-time access, to limited time, multi-day and season passes.

Highly responsive, pricing can be as dynamic as required and cover every aspect of a visit across multiple sites.

Omnico’s unique engagement engine helps provide guests with the best possible experience, while ensuring they feel confident about spending.

It analyses all the ticket and interaction data in near real-time, supplying deeply personalized marketing through notifications and offers.

Engagement begins from the moment guests buy their ticket. An online account for each guest acts as the master source of all tickets, entitlements (pre-purchased meal deals for example) and vouchers.

An account is linked to the smartphone e-ticket or wristband that serves as the payment method and access pass, keeping credit card details, tickets, fast-access passes and reservations on the wrist or smartphone, so guests never need cash.

Physical contact for payment or entry is unnecessary, helping allay anxieties about transmission of germs. For each transaction, guests scan the e-ticket or wristband, which immediately makes visible all their available benefits and rewards, fully updated.

Memberships can also be integrated with access to different VIP areas. If after they arrive, guests want to attend special events or enjoy extra experiences, their ticket allows them to book and pay using their device, a kiosk or POS terminal.

This silky-smooth convenience makes it far more likely guests will opt for an add-on spa treatment, book a cabana, or enjoy extra nights in the hotel.

Back-office or customer service can view ticket sales and forecasts from all transactions on dashboards, providing important data that makes for better management decisions about staffing, stock and capacity.

Omnico’s advanced ticketing solution, part of the Omnico Commerce suite, will provide quick gains in an area often overlooked.

The biggest names in the parks, destinations and casino industries understand ticketing technology’s vast potential for engagement and upselling.

Yet many operators have still not fully grasped just how quickly smarter ticketing enhances the guest’s experience and drives up the profitiability of each visit.

As a first step towards post-Covid-19 financial health and vitality, few investments in the visitor attractions sector can match the near-immediate results generated by implementation of smart ticketing technology.

This is a solution that will maximize profitability per visit in even the most difficult of times.

Download our whitepaper to find out more about Omnico Smart Ticketing.

Smart Ticketing Whitepaper

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