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Rising demand for tech-first experiences at attractions

Posted by Omnico on Mar 22, 2021 12:29:57 PM

In the past, casinos, amusement parks, and attractions have based their adoption of technology on their own business needs. In a post-COVID world, however, technology adoption should be driven by the needs of the customer. And for customers, safety is the number one priority.

According to our research, over half (56%) of consumers believe attractions need to invest in technology to address COVID-19 safety concerns – and such investment would make them more likely to visit during and post pandemic.

But with so many technology solutions available which should you invest in to truly meet visitor needs?

To find out, we surveyed over 4,000 consumers for their thoughts: and around a third said technology such as pre-booked tickets (30%), apps to order food and drink (30%), and self-serve kiosks (27%) would make them feel more comfortable returning to attractions in 2021.

With visitor numbers likely to be lower this year, technology offers a simple solution to alleviate visitor safety concerns and get those who do visit coming back.

Here’s how our technology helps:

Create a contactless transaction experience

A quarter (24%) of consumers will only visit attractions offering contactless customer experiences, with around half (56%) wanting contactless entry, mobile apps to reduce face-to-face interaction (49%), and Pay-at-Table technology (51%) in use.

Our contactless technology solutions can help. Whether integrating your gates, turnstiles, tables, vending machines, or F&B offering with contact-free, kiosk, or RFID technology you can give visitors a contactless self-order and checkout experience. And, with integrations with over 15 payment gateways for card and digital - including FreedomPay, Elavon, ACI, Worldpay and Adye - your visitors can enjoy all the facilities at your attraction without the need to physically interact with staff.

Shift focus from visitor volume to visitor engagement

With ticket sales and visitor numbers likely to be lower this year, there are opportunities for growth if you shift your focus from visitor volumes to improving engagement amongst those guests who do visit.

Each customer’s visit to your attraction is a personalization goldmine – starting from the pages they visit on your site before ticket purchase, to what souvenirs they buy. Then, once you know your guest’s preferences, the Omnico Guest Engagement solution helps you deliver promotions to them, at the right time, on the right device, at every step of the buying journey.

Create a flexible and intelligent ticketing system

With a third of consumers believing venues aren’t doing enough to limit capacity you need to create reassurance that your attraction puts visitor safety ahead of profits. So, whether selling tickets online, at gate, through a reseller, or via a third-party ticketing agency, centralize the booking process so your visitors always have access to the latest information.

With technology like Omnico’s smart ticketing solution, you can better manage capacity at peak times, rather than limiting numbers and losing revenue. By synchronizing demand with pricing, you can use real-time data to modify prices, funnelling customers to visit at less busy times to reduce overcrowding and better manage capacity.

Safety is the number one priority for consumers when visiting attractions in 2021, and with the right technology in place you can alleviate these safety concerns. To find out more about how Omnico can help you meet visitor needs post pandemic, send us an email and we'll get right back in touch.

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