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Rise in demand for VIP experiences at attractions

Posted by Omnico on Mar 10, 2021 10:58:55 AM

Amidst all the disruption of the past year, it’s important to remember why guests ultimately visit casinos, amusement parks, and attractions: to have a great experience.

Health and safety requirements mean things need to work a little differently. Our research of 4,000 attraction visitors shows consumers are willing to pay more for a top-notch experience post-pandemic. In fact, 1 in 5 (22%) say a VIP package would make them feel safer and more comfortable during their visit, and 18% admit they would be willing to pay more for it.

The post-pandemic VIP experience at attractions

Before the pandemic, the VIP experience meant skipping lines, touring behind-the-scenes, and enjoying unlimited food and drink. Now, it’s about how you can create VIP experiences that make guests feel safer on site. Whether that be limited capacity cabanas in your waterpark, private access to exclusive gaming tables at your casino, or fast track entry to avoid queues and crowds.

The good news for attractions is that visitors are willing to pay more for these experiences. The challenge however is identifying the personalized VIP packages visitors want to upgrade to, and at what stage in the customer journey.

That’s where Omnico’s Guest Engagement technology comes in. By connecting customer touchpoints and giving you a single view of every customer's journey, we help you deliver bespoke VIP packages that your guests will want to upgrade to.

Here’s how it works:

1) Use analytics to create personalized VIP experiences

Each visit to your attraction or casino unlocks huge amounts of customer data, and this data – when used correctly – can be a personalization goldmine. With our research showing 86% of people are more likely to revisit an attraction if they're offered personalized incentives.

By using our Insights & Analytics technology to turn your data into actionable insights, you can make informed decisions about the VIP experiences your customers will want to receive based on their previous spending habits – and offer them the right experiences to keep them coming back again and again.

VIP TIP: If you know a customer purchased loungers for a family of five when last at your waterpark, why not offer them an upgrade to a VIP sun deck when they purchase their next family ticket?

2) Use contactless to offer VIP upgrades at every step

Whether booking online, at entry or deciding to upgrade mid-way through their experience, your guests need to be able to upgrade to VIP status at any point in the customer journey. Our Basket technology enables you to do just that.

If, after arrival, guests want to attend special events or enjoy extra experiences, Omnico technology connects your POS terminals, tills, and kiosks to ensure they’re offered the same personalized VIP experience however they choose to upgrade.

By working with us to create a consistent, personalized upgrade experience for guests, you can create more opportunities for upgrades.

VIP TIP: If you’ve got a returning guest who regularly enjoys a steak dinner, when he next purchases a drink at the bar, checks in, or orders directly from the tables, why not offer him 50% off his meal if he upgrades to the VIP lounge at your casino?

3) Enable a seamless VIP experience that drives engagement

By integrating your gates, tills, lockers, drinks, and vending machines with contactless RFID-enabled wearables, VIP guests have quick and easy access to all experiences in your parks – instantly seeing what they are entitled to and how they can add extra meals or new experiences.

Whether your guests use this technology to buy at a kiosk, Pay-at-Table, or Order-Ahead, you can use every interaction as an opportunity to upsell by connecting your point-of-sale systems with rewards and incentives that help drive engagement, loyalty, and repeat visits.

VIP TIP: Why not connect your RFID-enabled wearables with your guest’s digital wallet? They’ll be able to purchase snacks, souvenirs, and additional VIP benefits instantly, wherever they purchase in your venue.

Unlock exciting VIP experiences with technology

By using the right technology to create personalized VIP experiences for guests, you’re making it more attractive for customers to upgrade, giving visitors the best experience possible, and creating more opportunities to upsell and drive loyalty.

If you want to find out how our out-of-the-box technology can help you create personalized VIP experiences your guests will love, send us an email and we'll get right back in touch.

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