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Omnico customers offered 60-days of free online training for all end users

Posted by Omnico on Jun 26, 2020 9:13:27 AM

We are delighted to announce that all Omnico customers will be offered 60-days of free online training from 1st July for all of their end users...

To support customers as they reopen, and make sure that vital point-of-sale operations run smoothly, we are thrilled to be offering 60-days free access to online bite-size training.

We have made available a playlist of sample videos that will quickly and easily provide answers to the key questions your end users will be asking over the coming weeks, such as 'how do I reset a password, how do I reconcile a till or how do I carry out a refund?'


Benefits of bite-size training videos:

Save time and improve efficiency - self service training for your end users to help answer 'how to' questions as soon as they arise
Take the pressure off your internal support teams - empower your end users
Flexibility - accessible from any device at any time
• Save cost - save on classroom style training and travel costs
Designed to compliment a full training program - providing quick and simple refresher training and assistance to help get new starters up and running

How to access the video portal:

There are over 100 bite-size videos available to watch online via our customer portal. They can be accessed from any device at any time - designed for end users to view whilst in front of their POS to help answer questions quickly and efficiently.

We have made a playlist of sample videos available to view free of charge from 1st July for 60-days helping customers answer questions such as:

• How do I reset a password?
• How do I amend a receipt header?
• How do I unlock a locked user account?
• How do I issue a refund?
• How do I view or edit a promotion?

Any customers who don't already have access to the Omnico customer portal can email support to request a user name and password.

Contact Education Services:

To find out more about subscribing to our full video library or for further information about other training services available, please get in touch today. We'd love to hear from you.

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