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Cutting the Queue

Posted by Omnico on Sep 19, 2019 9:50:00 AM

Reducing queueing time is a major challenge for many retailers, with today’s time-poor consumers expecting a fast and convenient service for every type of purchase, whether it’s online shopping on Amazon or doing the weekly food shop.

Concepts like the Amazon Go store are the gold standard of customer experience driven by technology, and many other brands are beginning to trial similar concepts, for example: Co-operative Group are trialling a new pay-in-store app; Barclaycard are trying out a similar concept using their Grab+Go app as well as Sainsburys with their pay-in-app functionality being tested on their £ On-the-Go meal deal at Euston Station.

But it’s not all about the Amazon Go experience. According to Barclaycard, the ability make contactless payments has made a significant impact on queue times with 55% of consumers choosing to pay with contactless technology and 52% saying they are now served more quickly because of this.

Self-service checkouts also have a big impact on the overall customer experience as well as more traditional ways of providing a great service, like staff training.

Biometric payments are sure to be the next big thing with Costcutter Brunel University store in London offering customers the option to pay with a touch of their finger.
Read the full article from Convenience Store.

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