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Manage capacity to give a better visitor experience after lockdown

Posted by Omnico on Oct 1, 2020 1:19:44 PM

As the world of casinos, theme parks and attractions bursts back to life post-Covid following months of enforced shut-down, operators are faced with reduced footfall and compliance with social distancing requirements.

A new set of challenges has arisen for casinos and theme parks as they adapt to coronavirus-related health measures in order to protect visitors while providing a high-quality experience that maximizes spending.

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To ensure guests return to your casino or park, and then want to keep coming back, managing capacity is essential.

Guests want to feel confident about social distancing.

A range of Omnico technologies can quickly and effectively make a big difference in the following ways:

Monitor capacity and control numbers – through full integration with booking, point-of-sale and beacon technologies you understand both advance and real-time guest numbers, improving safety and resource planning. Demand is more predictable and guests don’t bunch around hotspots.

Entrance booking via your app or online – use contactless booking processes using apps or smart tickets to increase guest confidence among guests nervous about virus transmission

Use exit scanning – to understand numbers in the park and increase booking efficiency

Maximize revenue – use meal-deals and packages to obtain advance payment; deploy on-site offers and personalized notifications sent to phones or wearable devices to achieve upsells through built-in ticket add-ons

Have contact tracing capability – capture guest details in advance of arrival to save time, increase compliance and cut entrance queues

Eliminate lines – take bookings in advance to remove the guest’s chief source of irritation in normal times and a potential cause of post-lockdown anxiety

Secure revenue – take a deposit or full payment at time of booking

Drive your guest behavior – analyse real-time data and redirect guests from busy areas by sending them time-limited promotions and offers to quieter locations

Bouncing back from the effects of Covid-19 in the ways outlined above will be far easier if casinos, parks and destinations have digital technology such as Omnico Commerce, that pulls multiple capabilities and channels together seamlessly via a single transaction and engagement engine.

Casinos and parks must show they are taking social distancing seriously, and are constantly upgrading their technology and customer journeys to ensure visits are enjoyable, friction-free and safe.

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