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Increase guest engagement with a fully integrated ticketing system

Posted by Omnico on Jan 12, 2021 12:32:09 PM

COVID-19 has had a negative impact on footfall to attractions, with global industry body IAAPA estimating a fall in income of $23bn in the US alone since the start of the pandemic. But, with the vaccine rolling out, there’s hope that 2021 will see theme park, waterpark, zoo, aquarium, and cultural site visitor numbers return to pre-pandemic levels.

While this presents a huge opportunity for attractions to regain lost revenue, those that do not have the right technology infrastructure in place will struggle to welcome guests back through the gates in a secure and safe way – particularly if social distancing rules are still in force.

Using technology to manage attraction capacity

At Omnico, we’re working with some of the biggest names in the parks and destinations world, swapping their outdated ticketing platforms for technology that’s helping them reach a new ‘business as normal’.

Our Integrated Ticketing Solution has been designed to help attractions manage bookings, stagger visits, and optimize the booking process so employees can manage capacity, whilst providing a seamless booking experience for customers. And, when integrated with our Engagement Platform, you can upsell at every stage of the journey. 

That could be as part of the booking process before customers arrive – like personalised VIP passes, vouchers, food and beverage packages and merchandise – or on arrival. By connecting your ticketing data and POS systems, you can manage attraction capacity and ensure visitors get back through the turnstiles safely, while adding value to their experience with extensions and offers. 

If you are unsure of the benefits, here are four reasons you should be working with Omnico to integrate your ticketing system:

  • Get a centralized view of ticketing: With the Omnico Ticketing Solution, you can unify ticketing and manage ticket purchases through a single platform. So, whether you’re distributing tickets online, at-gate, through a reseller, or via a third-party ticketing agency, you have a real-time view of ticket sales across your entire ticketing estate.
  • Manage capacity with session-based bookings: All venues have a limited capacity, but with new regulations reducing the number of people allowed in your attraction at a given time, managing ticket sales has become business- The Omnico Ticketing Solution allows you to allocate time slots and entry times, so you can ensure guests are safe, and you aren’t over capacity.
  • Integrate ticketing with RFID technology: With COVID-19 accelerating demand for contactless payments and technology, the adoption of RFID technology is on the rise. The Omnico Ticketing Solution is primed for use with wearable technology as well as mobile devices, so you can enable customers to access and redeem offers and rewards across all your services or POS systems.
  • Increase revenue with dynamic pricing: By synchronising demand with pricing, you can use real-time data to increase prices at peak times to maximise revenue, and funnel customers to visit at less busy times to reduce overcrowding and better manage capacity.
  • Open API capability: Our open API capability means that we can fully integrate with your existing ticketing system if you already have one, giving you a complete 360 degree view of your guests from the time they arrive, to when they leave. If your existing ticketing system is not up to the job or you don’t have one in place, we can quickly get you up and running with ours

 Entice visitors back with smart ticketing

Attractions that get ticketing right could look to make savings of up to 40% through lower licensing fees and minimal infrastructure requirements. And some of the customers we’re working with are already reporting upsells of between 30% and 40%. 

To find out more about how smart ticketing can help you get visitors back and spending more at your attraction, access our Smart Ticketing whitepaper here.

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