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How technology will help attractions regain lost revenue post-COVID

Posted by Omnico on Jan 11, 2021 5:17:00 PM

The past year has been extremely difficult for attraction operators, with the global industry body IAAPA estimating a fall in income of $23bn in the US alone.

The arrival of a vaccine makes 2021 look a lot brighter; but as guests start returning, attractions need to be highly attuned to customer demand to make up for lost revenue. That means giving customers what they need, whenever and wherever they need it, as well as using every customer interaction as an opportunity to upsell.

Double visitor spending with the right technology

Many attractions already understand the value of smart technology and its potential for boosting engagement and upselling. Few, however, have fully grasped just how quickly it enhances the guest experience and drives spending.

In fact, our Omnico Theme Park ROI Barometer shows that visitors actively welcome smart technology – and will often double spending, if they can use it.

Of 3,333 global consumers who visited parks in the past two years, 35% said they would spend double on food and drink if they could use a smartphone app for advance ordering; 31% would also spend twice as much in a park if their visits were made easier with virtual reality guides and artificial intelligence-powered (AI) recognition systems.

Make every interaction an opportunity to drive spending

Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to get them spending, and, by implementing the right technology, you can please today’s tech-savvy customers, whilst encouraging them to spend more.

Boost upsells by 40% with smart ticketing: Whether selling tickets online, at gate, through a reseller, or via a third-party ticketing agency, allow customers to purchase customizable ticket types - from one-time access, to limited time, multi-day and season passes – as well as upselling VIP access, F&B vouchers, or queue jump passes

Drive spending with personalized promotions: Get guests spending more by delivering personalized promotions and incentives at every stage of the customer journey, based on their previous spending habits and preferences. Whether your guests buy at a kiosk, use Pay-at-Table, get ahead with Mobile-Order-Ahead, or pay with a Mobile POS, you can use each engagement as an opportunity to serve promotions and increase average transaction value.

Grow revenue by 10% with hassle-free spending: By connecting your ticketing and customer facing systems, visitors can access anything your park has to offer with the swipe of a wristband, app, or mobile wallet. And, with details consistent across websites, smartphones, RFID wristbands, POS terminals, kiosks, and tablets, staff always know what customers are entitled to – while guests can easily make changes and purchase add-ons to enhance their visit.

Retain lost revenue with Omnico

At Omnico, we’re helping theme parks, waterparks, zoos, aquariums, and non-profit attractions boost lost revenue by encouraging visitors to spend more.

For more information on how Omnico can help you enhance the guest experience and boost revenue, read our Solutions Guide for Attractions here.

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