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Technical guide to planning ahead for re-opening: Mission critical systems need a health check now

Posted by Omnico on May 13, 2020 10:50:32 AM

As we edge towards lifting lockdown, attractions and retailers may think all they have to do is flick the switch on their systems and they’re back in business, but this would unfortunately be a mistake.

This has been no ordinary break. It is the longest period most systems will have been dormant, and it is not what they were designed for.

Expect everything to work perfectly and you are very optimistic. In this guide we highlight just some of the vital must-dos for IT teams to ensure systems are ready for re-opening.

A full health check is necessary even for tried-and-tested systems

Mission-critical engagement solutions must be fully primed and ready from the start. Operators need to adapt fast to the big changes in consumers’ habits.

For example, you must ensure your entire IT system is ready to re-engage through updated prices and promotions that immediately grab the attention of customers.  

To help you fully prepare, here are just some of the practical must-dos that are vital for your IT team to perform before the relaxation of lockdown:

  • If you have shut down your POS completely you should check logs against any errors and identify problems that may prevent a system from operating (broken down by site and occurrence)
  • Ensure data flows are free and fully operational between the POS end point and the central server. This is known to be a problem when terminals have been offline – so this is a definite requirement after lockdown. Remember data has to transfer both ways successfully, including to third-party stock, SAP and reporting systems
  • Check on the health of your SQL server too. Don’t take it for granted because there is always housekeeping to do
  • Audit your POS user passwords. Many will have expired during shutdown and others will be forgotten. We all know the problem, but it could prove an embarrassment if otherwise healthy devices don’t work after the doors are open
  • Take a good look at the data flows that support your entitlements and promotions and do all the housekeeping necessary. This is crucial to ensure your engagement applications are ready to roll. You need a status report on expired entitlements and full oversight of plans that may need refunding or that require removal
  • You may need to provide training for staff on how to use equipment. It’s not just passwords we forget when we stop using devices regularly. Staff need to know everything to keep the system running, such as how to free up locked user accounts or how to cancel a transaction or reprint a receipt

There are many more technical steps you can take to ensure your system fully operational such as deeper investigations of databases to reveal and remediate fragmentation.

Omnico is here to provide peace of mind

Omnico can take care of all this and more, through our comprehensive, one-off Start-up Service that has been designed to provide peace of mind as operators gear up for the new opportunities ahead.

Our aim is to limit frustration, increase efficiency and ultimately save on the costs of reopening. It’s simple and is provided by our expert engineers who will give you confidence in your solution before you welcome customers back.

Chris Farnath, Director said:

“Our experienced team is here to help you prepare your mission critical systems. To help ease the pressure for already stretched internal IT teams, we have packaged up the long list of ‘must-do’s’ and considerations into one simple start up service that we are offering to all of our valued customers.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone within the Omnico community is confident that their systems are fully prepared for successful reopening.” 

Find out more by contacting us at OCG_Global_Support@omnicogroup.com



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