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Guests now demand digital technology helps, assists and delights them

Posted by Omnico on May 7, 2020 11:17:46 AM

The current difficulties facing the theme parks and destinations market are certainly severe, but they will not halt digitalization.

Gartner defines digitialization as: the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities.

This is precisely what Omnico Commerce offers operators of amusement parks, attractions, casinos, family entertainment centers and leisure facilities.

Take gamification for example. Guests – especially if they have kids in tow – like the games built into destination phone apps which they can play while waiting in line.

The success of such “gamification” encouraged Disney to add new interactive gaming features to its Play Disney Parks app.

Now the company is incorporating gamification into its loyalty programs, offering points for progress that are redeemable as discounts.

It has become a part of the digitalized customer journey, an increasingly effective tool of engagement that gives guests more reasons to download a park app.

That approach is available to any destinations operator, through the rapid data-collation capabilities of Omnico Commerce’s engagement engine.

The app becomes an open channel of communication for promotions and offers, during and after visits. It syncs with customer expectations as perfectly as with a park’s existing systems.

Omnico Theme Park Mobile Barometer research, for example, found 82 per cent of visitors expect to be able to buy anything in a resort using a cashless device, such as a wristband or mobile app.

And game mechanics change behavior – by, for example, encouraging guests to behave in ways that are compliant with preventing the spread of infection.

From start to finish in the customer journey, consumer expectations are driving digitalization. Guests now demand that digital technology helps, assists and delights them, from the point they start browsing online to when they have returned home.

Visitors want technology to reduce waiting in line, to enable a restaurant to have their table ready as they arrive.

They want a single entertainment experience that seamlessly knits together digital ticketing, rides, attractions, experiences, eating, drinking, accommodation, parking lots, luggage and transportation, loyalty rewards and entitlements, gamification – almost every aspect of their visit.

This path to pleasure has to be silky smooth with scope for a high degree of personalization and flexibility.

In the current circumstances this may appear a tall order, but Omnico Commerce makes it readily accessible.

The Omnico platform plugs into a destination’s existing systems and analyses masses of data from every interaction to provide a single view of each customer.

This is completely scalable, analysing a million transactions in a single day at one destination, capable of handling data from 12,000 touchpoints.

By adopting open APIs, business logic and data can be re-used by a destination’s other applications, reducing the time to trial new initiatives.

A high degree of automation reduces the daily demands on hard-pressed employees and managers, reducing waste and optimizing staff time.

Low touch technologies such as scan and pay allow guests to pay for merchandise simply by using their smartphone to scan a tag on the item.

And through dynamic pricing, operators can manipulate demand to reduce the burden on what are likely to reduced staff numbers, while simultaneously preventing the growth of crowds that jeopardize social distance rules.

Digitalization of the guest experience is unstoppable, but operators need to think hard about how they implement it.

Omnico Commerce is a platform that gives destination managements the tools to overcome their immediate challenges and to drive up revenues as the world recovers from the pandemic.

To find out more about the Omnico Commerce suite download our guide or get in touch...we'd love to hear from you.

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