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Four must-have contactless tools for attractions and casinos

Posted by Omnico on Apr 16, 2021 1:14:23 PM

For attractions and casinos, contactless solutions are now a must-have. Our own research shows that, of those willing to visit attractions this year, 24% will only visit if venues offer a satisfactory contactless customer experience.

Guests want these contactless technologies because they keep them safe. But they have benefits for attractions too: not only do they improve the guest experience – and keep them coming back for more – they speed up service, reduce queues, and increase average transaction value.

But what exactly do these contactless tools look like?

In this blog, we’ll take a look at four of the key contactless tools that are helping attractions provide the best possible experience for guests – and how Omnico can help you implement them.

1. RFID technology

RFID technology is what might come to mind first when you think of ‘contactless technologies’.

Very simply, RFID technology like Omnico’s uses tiny chips in mobile devices or wearable technologies to carry a range of different information, including ticket details, pre-loaded spending allowances, rewards, and other entitlements.

The benefits are simple: with users carrying their ID, ticket, payment system, reward card, and much more all in their device of choice or other wearable, it’s quicker and easier to access, spend and redeem rewards across all your on-premise services – from vending machines, to lockers, turnstiles, and POS systems. It takes just one swipe.

2. Mobile Order-Ahead

Contactless technologies don’t have to be complex.

Mobile payment and Order-Ahead technology, for example, use simple app technology to give visitors access to their favorite food and beverage services; visitors can skip the queues, and order ahead directly from the app, with minimal fuss and no queues.

That’s great news for visitors, who would much rather spend time having fun in your attraction than waiting in line for lunch. And it’s great news for attraction operators: by cutting queues and improving the purchase experience, you can serve more people, and improve overall satisfaction.

In fact, a contactless app like Omnico’s Mobile Order-Ahead technology is proven to get queues moving up to three times faster.

3. Kiosks

Kiosk technology is an excellent way to supplement your other contactless resources. Kiosks require no staff to operate, allowing visitors to access all the same services as usual, with none of the human contact. And by placing handwashing or sanitiser stations nearby, attractions can ensure guests keep their hands clean, too.

Kiosks are easy to install, and easy to use for your guests, who benefit from a streamlined self-order and checkout experience, whether they’re buying a ticket, ordering food or drinks, or picking up some souvenirs.

With countless service options and payment gateways, and the ability to white-label the kiosk experience with your own branding, kiosks help you provide guests with a highly-tailored, super-flexible, and optimally-branded purchase experience.

That top-notch experience enables top-notch results, with kiosk technology proven to boost average transaction value by up to 29%.

4. Pay-at-Table

Food and beverage makes up a huge proportion of spend at attractions. So why not use contactless tech to meet your guests right at the table?

We all know how much time slow table service can eat up. That’s why Pay-at-Table technology enables quick and easy payments for customers, wherever they are in your venue. With multi-pay options built-in, your customers can use practically any method to pay, whether it’s Android Pay, Apple Pay, Chip and Pin, Magstripe, or NFC contactless.

By speeding up payment, guests can skip waiting for paper bills and receipts, focus on enjoying their meals, and then get right back to the fun. As for attraction operators, technology like Omnico’s Pay-at-Table solution makes servers rifling through the cash draw a thing of the past – meaning more time freed up for useful tasks that boost the guest experience.

Contactless transforms both guest and employee experience

For attraction and casino operators, contactless technology is a triple threat. Not only does it minimize guest interaction and improve safety during the pandemic, it also cuts wait times, boosting guest experience and average spend.

At Omnico, we provide a range of contactless solutions to suit attractions of any size. To find out how our contactless RFID, Mobile Order-Ahead, Kiosk, and Pay-at-Table solutions can help you improve the guest experience and increase revenue at your attraction, contact us now.

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