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Ensuring your systems are fully optimized for the year ahead

Posted by Omnico on Feb 8, 2021 3:12:32 PM

With changing social distancing guidelines, and regional and national lockdowns, 2020 was a difficult year for business. But with COVID-19 vaccines now rolling out more widely, there’s well-placed optimism that 2021 will see footfall and spending increase again for attractions, casinos, and the retail and hospitality industries.

But when it comes to re-booting your customer facing systems again, it’s not as simple as flipping a switch and expecting everything to be running as normal. For those attractions that have been partly shut down, or completely, this is probably the longest time in the history of your business that your systems have remained dormant, and they certainly weren’t designed for it.

In the same way that an athlete wouldn’t start a race without warming up, or you wouldn’t drive your car without having it serviced at the garage, it would be naïve to think you can put your ticketing, POS, tills, and payment systems on standby for a year, then switch them back on at optimum performance.

How to ensure your technology is fully optimized for the year ahead

As visitors start returning over the next few months, you have a clear opportunity to regain lost revenue –– but only if your systems are updated and optimized to manage the sprint ahead.

That’s where Omnico comes in.

We’re offering a suite of one-off or regular Managed Service Packages to help you reboot your systems, so you can ensure they’re fully optimized and working at max capacity when guests return:

1) Optimize performance with a Systems Health Check
If you expect your venue to return to full capacity this year, you need to ensure your systems are ready to manage it.

Our Systems Health Check reviews configurations across your entire venue – including both software and hardware performance – to diagnose any errors that will impact service delivery. Our engineers then make recommendations on the best next steps to optimize performance, so you can avoid any downtime and lost revenue.

2) Connect your systems with Till Restart
If your tills have been shut down during the pandemic, you need to ensure they’re still connected and synced to your central systems. Failure to do so could result in transaction data being lost, and/or an inconsistent customer experience when you welcome guests back through the doors.

Our Till Restart service connects your tills to the central system so that all historical data from the past year is synced with future transaction, product and promotion data, when you start welcoming guests back. By ensuring your systems are synced and simultaneously updating in real time, you can give guests the right product, pricing and promotion information at point of sale and increase transaction value.

3) Get piece of mind with Event Hyper-care
With COVID-19 regulations negatively impacting venue revenue last year, peak season and events such as Easter or Spring Break are an opportunity to regain lost venue. These events, which drive greater footfall to your venue, can be very busy, even with reduced capacity and social distancing.

Our Event Hyper-Care service has been designed to give you peace of mind during these peak periods. With Event Hyper-Care, you’ll have dedicated Omnico Support at hand to resolve issues in near real-time, whether you’re unable to handle transaction quantity, or need support managing the number of orders processed through your Order Ahead or POS systems. With our support team by your side, you can ensure your systems are fully optimized, so you don’t miss an opportunity for revenue.

While we can’t put an exact date on when things will return to business as usual, with several vaccines on offer across the world, it may well be sooner than you think.

To make sure you’re ready for the return of your guests, we’ve got a range of bespoke support packages available to help you provide the same top-quality service your customers expect.

To find out more about the proactive Managed Services and how they can support your business, email us and we'll get straight back in touch.

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