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Discover Omnico’s brand new Room-Service app

Posted by Omnico on May 19, 2021 3:53:35 PM

Our purchase channel package for casinos and attractions now creates a unified transaction journey — right down to hotel rooms

Enticing visitors to buy at your attraction or casino requires much more than placing tills in all the right spots. You have to look beyond traditional POS and enable all the channels guests want to engage and purchase on.

That’s why, at Omnico, we offer a range of functionalities — from mobile order-ahead to self-service kiosks.

To take this a step further, we’re introducing a Room-Service app that allows guests to order from any on-site restaurant across the theme park, resort or casino complex, choose a specific delivery time, and pay through the in-app payment method.

“Whether you’re purchasing from the casino gaming floor, standing in line for a roller coaster, or back in your hotel room, you want consistency across that experience. We want to provide our customers and their guests, with a comprehensive transaction journey across every touchpoint and device — and that’s what this app is all about.” Jason Ashwell, Product Director at Omnico Group

Unifying the visitor journey with room service

A typical theme park or casino visitor journey is made up of different interactions. For instance, they can...   

  • Use an app to order a coffee and breakfast bagel and collect it at their designated time, without waiting 
  • Safely buy lunch for the family at a kiosk, charging to their hotel room — no fussing with credit cards 
  • Order dinner to their hotel room, choosing a meal from their favorite restaurants on site  

Each of these transactions links back to that individual guest or family, meaning they can earn and redeem loyalty points every time. It’s a win for them, and it’s a win for you. 


At Omnico, we know your visitors want the ability to collect and spend rewards with each and every transaction. After all, in our 2019 survey, 48% of theme park visitors demanded rewards based on their activity, with 56% wanting specific offers sent to their phones. 

“Simply put, our products are designed to respond to your customers’ demands. Our own research shows 78% of US consumers want a voice-activated digital assistant in their theme park hotel room connected to their smartphone, just like they may have at home. Enabling guests to order food from their mobile to their room with our new app, rather than call the concierge, is a step in that direction!” - Jason Ashwell, Product Director at Omnico Group

Want to see how the Omnico Room-Service app works? Book a demo here.

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