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Attractions have increased revenues by 10% through entitlements

Posted by Omnico on May 7, 2020 10:31:23 AM

When families are free from coronavirus confinement and want to head for a theme park or casino, they’re likely to be looking for good value deals that are as hassle-free as possible.

In uncertain economic conditions, many families with kids will also want a tight rein on expenditure.

How should parks and destinations respond?

The Omnico Commerce platform hands destinations the power to offer enticing packages and plans that guests customize to suit their own requirements.

Theme parks in different corners of the globe have increased their overall revenues by 10% through the creation of packages of entitlements that many guests find hard to resist.

Their eye-catching attractiveness has boosted average transaction values by between 30% and 40% for several major park operators.

Entitlements packages are attractive because they provide greater certainty about spending and resources for operators and guests alike.

They cover everything from meals and drinks to hotel stays, VIP experiences, rides – in fact much anything a park or casino has to offer. Entitlements can also be sold as part of a digital ticket or added to annual passes.

They are hassle-free because they are redeemed through any of the POS devices in a park or across multiple sites.

But as we enter a period of phased recovery following the coronavirus lockdown, Omnico entitlements also have the key advantage of being available as contactless solution through integration with RFID wristband devices and smartphone apps, aligning with guests’ cards or mobile wallets.

Guests gain all the convenience and control without any significant physical contact. All that is required is a swipe of the device over a sensor.

The level of control can, if they wish, also include their children. Parents in families using RFID wristbands can set levels on spending for their kids, banning alcohol or limiting ice-cream purchases.

As a single platform solution, Omnico Commerce makes it easy for destination managers to set the rules about what is available and where and when guests can access their entitlements and how they can earn rewards for spending or behavior.

Packages are available on-site too, once guests are through the door and can always be added to.

Omnico’s in-built flexibility is certain to bring major advantages during a difficult period reopening, allowing operators to adapt quickly to changes in regulation or guidance about social distancing or acceptable crowd sizes.

As extra rides, games or experiences become available, senior managers can quickly update their packages and offers.

The unique way rewards can be folded into entitlements and employed as part of highly-personalized promotions and offers, gives Omnico Commerce the edge as a revenue-generator.

Since entitlements are bought in advance, visitors have a reduced sense of their cost on the day and are readier to spend. Customers are also less likely to eat off-site.

Entitlements perform well as tools to increase customer loyalty. Once guests have enjoyed a package, Omnico Commerce can track their spending and cross-reference it with other interaction data to offer the right deal at the right time in the future.

For operators, Omnico entitlements bring many other benefits. Because payment is in advance, they improve cashflow.

And because food and beverages are also ordered in advance, parks and destinations have a better handle on demand, which reduces food waste and gives managers more accurate data about where to allocate staff and other resources.

All parks and destinations need to give serious consideration to entitlements as revenue-drivers in the coming months.

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