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5 trends to drive footfall and loyalty in 2021

Posted by Omnico on Feb 2, 2021 4:57:16 PM

Needing to regain lost revenue from a tough 2020, casinos, theme parks and attractions are under pressure to get visitors back through the gates and spending post-pandemic.

In order to get a clearer idea of the post-pandemic landscape facing the industry, we spoke to 2,048 UK and 2,015 US consumers to understand their concerns about returning, and what you can do to alleviate them.

We found that a staggering 8 in 10 consumers are hesitant about visiting casinos, theme parks and other attractions in 2021.

To help you overcome this uncertainty, and get visitors back through the doors and spending in 2021, we’ve teamed up with The Night Time Industries Association, Raving Consulting, to identify the 5 trends that will help you regain consumer confidence and loyalty post pandemic.

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The trends shaping casinos and attractions in 2021...

1. Make safety your number one priority. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of safety for consumers when visiting casinos, amusement parks, and attractions.

So much so, that the majority (86%) of consumers will research Covid-19 safety measures prior to booking a venue, with 62% saying they will book or visit elsewhere if safety measures aren’t satisfactory.

Read chapter 1 for advice on using technology to restore customer confidence.

2. Give visitors a contactless experience: All that antibacterial gel and endless hand-washing throughout the pandemic mean consumers have become used to going contactless – and expect it to continue post-COVID.

In fact 1 in 4 (24%) of the consumers we surveyed said they would only visit a casino or attraction if it offered a contactless customer experience.

Read chapter 2 to find out how going contactless improves the guest experience.

3. Focus on driving loyalty and retaining customers: With visitor numbers likely to be lower when doors open again, it’s vital that venues invest in driving loyalty to keep customers who do visit coming back.

How? Our research suggests 86% of people would be more likely to visit a casino, amusement park, or attraction in 2021, if they were offered personalized rewards.

Read chapter 3 to see how you can use data to drive personalization and loyalty.

4. Give guests a VIP experience: Amidst all the disruption of the past year, it’s important to remember why guests ultimately visit casinos, amusement parks, and attractions: to have a great experience.

Of the consumers surveyed, 1 in 5 (22%) said a VIP package offering exclusive access and increased safety would allow them to enjoy themselves more – and that they would be willing to pay more for it.

Read chapter 4 to find out our experts advice on upgrading the customer experience to drive a new revenue stream

5. Use technology to create a competitive edge: Before COVID-19, new tech was only introduced when the business model demanded it. Now, it’s customers who are demanding the changes.

Over half (56%) of consumers believe venue operators need to invest in technology to address COVID-19 safety concerns, and that such investment would make them more likely to visit during the pandemic.

Read chapter 5 to discover the digital tools and engagement platforms that give you a competitive advantage.

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